About this Site

The Practice Research Portal is a research and educational resource set up to support Practice Research across RMIT and in other Universities, nationally and internationally. The site has been developed by the School of Architecture and Urban Design at RMIT University, and builds on the PhD program developed in that School over three decades. This portal offers an ever growing video archive, a research strategies course, key publications and PRS event information.  A series of significant research projects and an extensive network of partners have informed and supported the development of Practice Research as documented and described by this portal.

What is Practice Research?

To practice is to subject any endeavor to persistent pursuit and active, reflective development. By virtue of that active development, all practicing intrinsically involves research enquiry. Practice Research brings that research activity to the foreground through activating explicit enquiry into the know-how of practitioners. This occurs through doing and reflecting on their endeavours, and by situating that know-how and its contribution in broader issues and fields of practice. In this way, shareable knowledge is developed and contributes to domains of practice, supporting new, innovative and impactful projects.

What is the PRS?

Our Practice Research Symposia model has structured and enabled practice research in the School of Architecture and Urban Design at RMIT for more than 30 years. The PRS operates as an intensive, twice-yearly gathering of research PhD and Masters candidates, supervisors, and guests to offer feedback to candidate’s research-in-progress, to celebrate the research achievements of the community, and to discuss and debate pertinent issues. The PRS’s prime purpose is to be the tangible focus of a learning community – its home so to speak – set up to facilitate collective learning for all involved. The School of Architecture and Urban Design stages six PRS events each year – twice a year across three continents (Australia, Europe, and Asia) – and in partnership with RMIT’s School of Design and School of Fashion and Textiles. In addition to in-progress reviews and examinations, the PRS also involves public lectures, research strategies.