ARCH1429 Creative Practice Research Strategies


This course is available to students who are enrolled in the RMIT University course ARCH1429.

You will need to sign in to the course with your RMIT account and once back on the Course home-page confirm that you want to take the course by choosing the Take this course button.

Here are the steps.   (There is also a video below outlining these steps).

1. Click on the “Sign In” button in the menu at the top of the page.

2. You will be taken to a sign in form (see below). Click the red button marked Google. 

Sign in form

3. If you have several Google accounts you will be asked to choose one. Choose your RMIT email address.

4. You may be asked for your password. Enter your RMIT password.

5. You may be asked if you already have an account in this site or if you want to create a new one. Choose create a new account.

6. You will be returned to the front page of this site and you should be logged in successfully. You will see your username on the top right.

7. Click on the red ARCH4129 button to get to this page. You should now see a button below that says “Go to the course home page”. Click this button.

Sign in

8. You should now be at the front page of the course. The very first time you visit the front page of the course you will need to click the green “Take this course” button near the bottom of the page to confirm that you want to take the course.

Take this course

These steps are also shown in the video below if you would prefer to watch the steps first.