A Space of Encounter by Colm Moore

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The research has been focused on the kinds of conversation that house the creative practices of Clancy Moore Architects. It describes an evolving working process documenting a tension that sits at the heart of our practice, between a determined ‘will to order’ and a growing embrace of the indeterminate; a dialectic between the ideal and lived space.

Accepting that all work is born in a network of relations the research examines the development of a relational design approach that commands the resolution of multiple contingencies in an open process rather than the imposition of any unifying system. In doing so, in our work, we seek to establish a space of encounter that allows for meaning to be elaborated collectively.

The research methodology uses drawing as a tool to explicate the evolution of various projects. This research demonstrates a unique design methodology that uses figuration as a relational device in the development of our work. These figures embody tensions innate to the resolution of each project. Conversation is central to this process as is the moment when construction becomes animate. When architecture gains a voice. It is a process of joining things and allowing them to speak, both individually and together.

Year: 2017

Examiners: Prof Jonathan Hill, Mr Louis Kruger  Supervisors: Prof Richard Blythe, Prof Katharine Heron, with special support from Prof Leon van Schaik

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