A Story about Making and Enquiring by Prof Peter Downton

A story about making and enquiring by Prof Peter Downton, Professor of Design Research RMIT (retired).

* Click on the red time-stamp to go directly to each segment in the video

00:06 Childhood interest

00:52 Model making

02:15 The Shed

04:00 Documenting the process

06:25 The shed as a device for making enquiry

06:56 A definition of ‘research’

09:04 Categories of enquiry

10:30 What is ‘knowledge’

13:00 Researching for designing

15:50 Researching through designing

17:00 Research about my own designing

17:20 Reporting and logging your practice

23:34 Peter’s Books

25:30 “It’s not much use unless other people see it”

26:40 Embodied knowledge

29:30 End


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