A terroir of terroir (or, a brief history of design-places) by Richard Blythe

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This PhD provides insight into designing. It offers a view on the nature and structures of design research proposing that design research occurs within the activity of designing. As a case study, the PhD provides an internal view of the emergent design process of a collaborative architecture design practice terroir. It proposes a way, (the ‘design-place’), in which design by collaboration operates within complex and often contradictory contexts. The thesis deals with questions of design in a contemporary, cosmopolitan condition and proposes that within such a condition design is an ethical endeavour. A key underlying proposition of the thesis is that architecture is fundamentally a critical activity. The PhD concludes by demonstrating through design projects how terroir has explored these questions in producing designs that operate at the level of personal and subjective experience in opening up a public, cosmopolitan realm.

Year: 2008
Examiners: Zeynep Mennan, Li Shiqiao, Jeremy Till  Supervisors: Professor Leon van Schaik


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