Architectural judo: relational techniques for building events by Chris Cottrell

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Architectural Judo investigates the kinds of actions creative practices can employ when moving-with and within the spatiotemporal complexity of a forming situation, or atmosphere. It responds to the challenges for creative practices engaged with a heightened sense of interconnectedness that arises from an ‘atmospheric’ understanding of experience as an ecology of relations.

This research initially approaches atmospheres as a critical term that conflates ideas of meteorology and spatial ambience, before moving on to a turbulent ontology that lies just below the surface of everyday appearances. Creative projects are employed to reveal and work with this implicit turbulence. I develop a technique-specific approach comprised of ‘thresholding’ and ‘architectural judo.’ These techniques open up and propose a way of working at the edge between architecture and interior design by thinking of buildings as events always in formation. Across creative projects in galleries, workshops of bodily attunement, ‘studio sketches,’ installations in public spaces, experimental writing, architectural design, and an audio walk, this PhD charts a movement from an individual studio/gallery practice to the undertaking of larger collaborative project-events for the public realm.

Year: 2016
Examiners: Prof Benedict Anderson, A/Prof Thomas Daniell  Supervisors:  Assoc Professor Pia Ednie-Brown, Dr Malte Wagenfeld

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