Capturing: the language of Robert Simeoni by Robert Simeoni

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The intent of this study is the exploration and documentation of the relationship between observation and design. Through examination of the process within my practice, the study attempts to delve into, and further elucidate the winding passage from observed moment (‘catalogue’) to realised design (building).

Expressed through a collection of images and observations of spatial interventions that, at first glance, may appear to be ad hoc and unplanned, upon closer investigation exhibit a complex and poetic realisation.

This inquiry into observed moments takes on a further expansion through the addition of ‘on site’ (reflexive images.) A growing interest in abstraction will be considered and tested through a series of architectural models, built moments, discussions, and suggestive texts.

Year: 2017
Supervisors:  Prof Leon van Schaik, Dr Graham Crist  Examiners:  Ms Valerie Austin, Dr Stephen Collier

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