Conducting space: An analysis-based approach to spatial sound design in contemporary chamber music performance by Michael Hewes

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Contemporary chamber music performance practice is often a hybrid that has evolved from the merging of acoustic instrumental performance practice and spatialized, loudspeaker-based acousmatic performance practice. As this hybrid practice continues to evolve, the development of interpretation strategies for performed spatialization based on score analysis can facilitate spatialization design that will clarify the articulation of complex musical structures. This study outlines the development of a spatial performance practice from the perspective of sound designer and audio engineer with the ELISION Ensemble. A framework for the development of this practice is presented through the consideration of a personal perspective on the role of spatiality in the communication of sonic information, examined in the light of published research in auditory communication and both instrumental and acousmatic music performance practice.

Year: 2013
Examiners: Anthony Hood, Tim Humphrey, David Kim-Boyle  Supervisors: Professor David  Forrest, Assoc Professor Lawrence Harvey


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