CPR Strategies ‘Measures of Distance – Fighting Close to the Bull’ by Marcelo Stamm

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00:10 Marcelo Stamm. Overview of the lecture. Three areas: Framework, Strategies, Implementation

01:38 Framework Incl ‘The Practice Turn in Contemporary Theory’, Method, Against Method (Paul Feyerabend)

05:30 RMIT Creative Practice Research methods and the PRS

10:47 Strategies Including ‘The Myth of Disengagement’, reflecting into the practice, ‘fighting close to the bull’

14:13 What is standing between researcher and work? Habits, biases, routines …

16:34 ‘Stepping inside the research laboratory’, The idea that the research has already happened and now you are simply cataloguing it

17:58 The Dynamic Reflection model: reflection on, reflection in, reflection for

22:12 Reflective ‘lenses’

26:00 Making your lenses explicit - with examples

30:02 Reflective ‘layers’. Examples of territories and dimensions worth exploring

32:10 How do you articulate your reflection?

33:55 Finding your own voice

38:20 Mapping your projects: Maps and traps

44:56 The ‘runway of projects’ ideogram (past, present and future projects)

48:48 A complex ideogram described

50:49 The individual & the domain / authorities & communities of practice

53:39 How far do you go with the process of reflection?

55:34 The End



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