CPR Strategies ‘The Research Scaffolds of Design Practice Research’ by Prof Leon van Schaik

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00:01 Introduction and preamble to topic

01:20 History and aims of Design Practice Research

02:50 Relevant publications and past recipients

04:30 Introduction to an ideogram

06:15 Evolution of the DPR model from early intent to current practice (via an ideogram)

15:30 How do you proceed through the PRS model?

16:05 The ‘natural history’ of the creative practitioner

19:04 Public behaviours, the groupings that support creative practice

22:10 Integrated scholarship

24:00 The process (what the candidate should focus on at various stages of candidature)

25:42 How and when reflection occurs within the process

26:40 Spatial intelligence

27:25 Book: Mastering Architecture by Leon van Schaik

28:08 Firmness, Commodity and Delight

31:00 Helpful publications

33:00 Using the scaffold (and fans) to understand a project

33:46 Encouraging mastery

36:00 Leon’s book: Practical Poetic in Architecture

37:55 Summary


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