Ears in Motion: Designs for the Sound of Sport – Examination presentation by Daniel St Clair

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Athletes hear many different sounds while playing sport: the sounds of teammates, crowds, equipment, their own body, and their mind. This PhD outlines the design of a new “toolkit” for describing, recording, and representing this richly varied terrain. This toolkit has two components. The first is a notation system for describing the auditory experiences of athletes. The second is a wearable microphone system for capturing the sounds of an athlete’s body and equipment. While existing microphone systems often capture sound from the side-lines, this new system has been designed from the “ground up,” integrating new circuit designs and 3D printed microphone enclosures. Both the creative and diagnostic possibilities of this new “toolkit” have been explored by the author and other athletes, offering new insights into the auditory experience of athletes and a new framework integrating sport, media and sound studies.

Year: 2015
Examiners: Dr Andrew Johnston, Dr Johannes Mulder  Supervisors: Assoc Professor Lawrence Harvey, Mr Andrew Burrow


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