Drawing, Building (teaching), Text: Alternative Narratives & the Practice of Anna Johnson by Anna Johnson

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This PhD is a critical examination of Anna Johnson’s practice as expressed across a 12-year period through her design, writing and teaching. Defining the mode of that practice are Johnson’s three distinct roles: her position as a full time lecturer within the architecture department at the RMIT School of Architecture and Design; architectural critic and freelance writer with more than 10 published books and over 100 journal articles; and thirdly, her own architectural design work. This PhD process has enabled a defining of Johnson’s procedural working methodologies. From this was established Johnson’s position of Architect Writer, her writing – like her drawing – has generative affectual consequence for her design and teaching work. The reciprocal relationship she evolved between words and form – text and drawing – define the parameters within which architectural content (meaning, representation and form) are manifested, tested and then resolved. The acts of observation, critique and narrative development – activities central to her written practice – have a generative and consequential relationship for her design and design teaching. What has emerged is the generative exchange between writing and drawing, one is not produced without the other and a certain interdependency exists between them.

Year: 2014
Examiners: Stephen Loo, Jenny Lowe, Peter McNeil  Supervisors: Professor Leon van Schaik, A/Prof Richard Black


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