Entrainment: an architecture of feeling and thinking. The architecture of Simon Pendal Architect and Pendal and Neille by Simon Pendal

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This PhD posits two principal findings through the work of the Perth-based architectural practice of Simon Pendal Architect (formerly Pendal and Neille). The first is that of the three Resonances – Resonances in the Direct Present, Resonances in Deep Time and Lingering Impressions. The first of these is constituted by the force of the work upon us as spaces deeply felt, the second involves the making of spaces that register with us in memory through affiliation. The last of the Resonances involves the work of the practice acting upon us, its authors, as a projective force in the act of making new projects and extending the body of work into new territory. The second principal finding of the PhD is the phenomenon of Entrainment – whereby two or three of the Resonances coalesce and vibrate in harmony – a binding together of feeling and thinking, as a charged suspension in the moment. Ultimately, this allows a clearer use of the term ‘atmosphere’, the quality at the core of the practice’s endeavours.

Year: 2016
Examiners: Dr Stephen Collier, Ms Shelley Penn  Supervisors: Assoc Professor Paul Minifie, Professor Leon van Schaik

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