espace – l’interieur dehors / inside out by Peter Boyd

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espace – l’intérieur dehors / inside out is a reflective examination of the fashion practice S!X. Its focus is an exploration of the various uses and meanings of space within the practice. This investigation of space, conducted from within the practice by one of the two practitioners, is new to fashion practice research and is a chief contribution to knowledge in the field.

By turning the practice inside out, the research reveals and analyses the physical space that the practice inhabits, the exhibition, runway, and retail spaces in which the practice exhibits, the space of its client, the geographical spaces that it visits, the intellectual and creative space of design and thinking, and the collaborative space between the two designers within the practice. It also investigates the spaces within the tailored garments through which S!X explore the possibilities and traditions of design.

Year: 2015
Examiners: Prof Dorita Hannah, Prof Lawrence Wallen  Supervisors: Professor Leon van Schaik, Professor Sue Anne Ware


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