Exploring internet CO2 emissions as an auditory display by Stuart McFarlane

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This research project explores the effectiveness of an auditory display prototype for the sonification of perceived internet CO2 emissions to a small user group within their office context. To date, methods do not exist for the reporting of this information to users of personal computing while they perform simple internet enquiries. Underpinning the theoretical development of this project is a focus on auditory displays guided by the concept and forms of auditory displays, together with the auditory perception elements to be considered in their design. Evaluation of the prototype takes place through two iterative field study’s in an office context. The following exegesis gives an account of the design and development of the auditory display prototype and its respective sonification, the design methodology employed and the research findings, and concludes with recommendations for further exploration with in this context.

Year: 2014
Examiners: Bert Bongers, Tim Humphrey, Michael Trudgeon   Supervisors: Frank Feltham, Darrin Verhagen


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