Facilimaking Ornamental Events – makeshift co-elaborations of jewellery juh – oul – lurh – ree by Roseanne Bartley

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This creative practice research examines what Jane Bennett calls thing power and tells of anew the energetic material processes already affective within my socially engaged jewellery practice.  Rather than pursue the making of artefacts as a valued outcome, I investigate the doing that jewellery does, and question what a speculative jewelling practice can do.

By recasting jewellery as ornamental agent – an accessorial yet vital co-elaborator in lively intra-active encounters, the research brought forth the jewelling practice of facilimaking. This `live’ materially discursive practice offers affective incremental change to the way humans encounter entanglements of matter arising within the forces and flow of the life world.  The dynamic co-elaborative practices of facilimaking are revealed as makeshift, messy and troublesome – often slippery to handle and too lively to pin down.

By following in the a-rhythmic patterns of less normative events of ornamentation the research reveals three facilimaking practices: the spin and twist, the concertina, and the long play.  In problematising the jeweller and making jewellery strange the research contributes a makeshift, intra-active practice to the expanded field of jewellery. To transdisciplinary practice, the research contributes the `live’ materially discursive practices of facilimaking: open-ended practices that others may follow and co-elaborate in.


Examiners: Prof Dorita Hannah, A/Prof Tara McDowell Supervisors: A/Prof Mick Douglas, A/Prof Pia Ednie-Brown

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