Feedback & Complexity in Practice Research: Supervisor and Candidate Forum

Feedback and Complexity in Practice Research: candidates and supervisors cocktail kick-starter forum, PRS Australia 2 June 2018

Conveners: Mick Douglas, Pia Ednie-Brown

PhD graduates: Michael Banney, Jordan Lacey, Mehrnoush Latifi, Kathy Waghorn, David Pledger

Respondents: James Oliver (Monash Univ.)

“Creative practice-based research is a purposeful, experimental pursuit of communicable knowledge, a pursuit that is pre-planned but also amenable to improvisation within emergent complexity”. Ross Gibson, Situating Practice symposium, June PRS AU 2017.

Practice Research is intrinsically complex. Full of uncertainty, nonlinearity, open-endedness, and cumulative insight, engaging in this complexity is both rewarding and challenging. Becoming experienced at Practice Research involves learning how to improvise within emergent complexity. One of the key characteristics of complex systems is feedback, and a major role of the PRS is to enable multiple forms of feedback on research-in-progress. Offering and navigating feedback is not always straightforward, and often full of risk. This forum aims to open up a space to think about the way that feedback operates in the Practice Research process and within the PRS as an event. A panel of experts will reflect on what these different forms of feedback are, how these multiple forms work, and how we can make the most of them.

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