‘I didn’t ask for this’ Private practices in the creation of a residential architecture by Alan Higgs

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My research outcomes are considered in three parts. Part One shows how personal histories contribute to my creative practice, especially through recalling the origins of my sensibility. It maps my body of work and situates my practice. Part Two uses case studies to reveal how we develop design. I analyse outcomes, track developing mastery of a type, look at transplanting creative practice geographically and typologically. I show how client relationships are curated and how my sharing design authorship has evolved and operates. A new research tool is explained. The roles of memory and history come to the surface. Part Three explains my search for the ‘ideal room’ as a central design driver, photography’s role in my design process, how I used the PRS structure, a discovery about change in London’s terraced townhouses through social history from Big Bang to Brexit. It observes the way private practices like mine contribute to architectural culture.

Year: 2017
Examiners: Prof Sadie Morgan, Assoc Prof Klaus Petersen Supervisors: Dr Marcelo Stamm, Prof Katherine Heron

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