Intimate Immensity, an Interior Architecture by Andrea Mina

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The research engages the concept of ‘intimate immensity’. These words encapsulate some of the core issues underpinning the research; the allure exuded by small objects, and their provocations of reverie, where very close proximities between subject and artefact are required for there to be any meaningful engagement with the actual, material outcomes of the making. Through this compression, space and relationships are thickened, engendering intimate connections between the two. The ideas of intimacy are further enhanced by the very small sizes of the fabricated architectures. More pertinent is the aspiration of the works to transcend themselves, not by asking for meaning or translation and interpretation of their own forms, but rather to inspire and provoke very personal and individual imaginings/dreams by each who would encounter them.

Concerns for ‘an interior’ and of ‘the interior’ have had significant influence in affecting the trajectories of the research. The research is based on reflection and interrogation of my singular and personal practice of architecture that is driven by interests ranging from ‘small things’ and architectural discourses to the celebration of humanity’s ability to dream, to invent and make tools. Through my research, making has been used as a tool for inquiry, as a means of both manifesting knowledge and seeking new understandings in knowing through doing where there are moments of realisation and of actualisation. Each of the thirty six artefacts produced act in themselves as different kinds of tools to facilitate other makings of spatial discourses.

The research has been conducted through an iterative process of making, thinking, exhibiting and the public articulation of the knowledge thus generated. This process has provided opportunities to interrogate outcomes and to subsequently generate spatial discourses and new work. By hand-making very small, enigmatically-scaled artefacts in the image of architecture, I have endeavoured to develop and articulate another mode of architectural practice.

Year: 2009
Examiners: Craig Bremner, Richard Goodwin, Gini Lee  Supervisors:  Professor Peter Downton


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