Inversion of Content and Context, Transparency in Nature and Architecture by Erieta Attali

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If “nature” in the role of context and “architecture” in the role of content are commonly conceived as antithetical entities, representative of human encroachment on the primordial image of the world, under which conditions do these two fundamental factors form a strong liaison and which is the ensuing by-product? Can this often-ignored bond between cultural artefacts and natural environments be unearthed and put to light by the use of photography? My engagement with architectural photography in the last two decades has been a constant progression towards that goal: the probing of limits between human made structures and landscapes- natural or artificial. This was not an agenda set from the beginning of my itinerary as a photographer. It was gradually crystallized through a photographic journey in search of liminal landscapes echoing a childhood in transit. This PhD investigation codifies a relational photographic language that aspires to capture narrative environments instead of set frames; transitions instead of immutable objects. This language, while developed through the analysis of highly personal themes or “motifs”, demonstrates the use of photography as a multi-layered narrative tool of interpretation, rather than mere documentation.

Year: 2016
Examiners: Peter Juul Kristensen, Angelo Bucci  Supervisors: Prof Martyn Hook, Prof Maro Barraco


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