The Role of the Supervisor – Jo Van Den Berghe Interview

The Role of the Supervisor in Creative Practice Research methodology

Questions: Dr. Cecilia de Marinis, Dr. Dorotea Ottaviani
Answers: Jo Van Den Berghe

00:41 Who do you think should supervise a doctoral thesis in creative practice research PhD?

05:00 What do you think is the supervisor’s role in the candidate’s practice in the CRP PhD?

08:00 What are the elements of innovation of ADAPT-r training and supervision models in relation to the other Creative Practice PhD programs?

11.40 What do you think are the responsibilities and the expectations of our PRS partner list?

15.22 The ‘one to one’ relationship with the practitioners/fellows. How would you describe this moment of inter-personal relations, apart from the PRS?

19.16 Were you inspired in your own research practice by the confrontation with your peers?

21.21 How would you explain your social positioning as a practitioner and researcher and as a trainer in relation to your community of practice: and if this perception has changed since the completion of your PhD?

24.31 How do you think the PhD process has changed your own practice, and, in terms of relationships with your clients and other people you work with?


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