Kinetic facades: towards design for environmental performance by Kamil Sharaidin

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Applications of kinetic facades allow the building envelope to adapt and interact with environmental conditions. These strategies are used to analyse the sought after functions and performance of kinetic facades within the context of daylight quality and thermal heat conditions. Through the exploration of kinetic motion and composition with responsive facades, it allows the designers to understand the design strategies for casting kinetic motion in responsive facades that interact effectively toward changes in environmental conditions. This research presents a methodology, alternative tools, and design evaluation strategies to test the design and stimulate responsive kinetic facades during the early design and simulate responsive kinetic facades during the early design phase towards environmental performance. It demonstrates an alternative method in exploring and evaluating kinetic facade design, which was conducted through physical prototyping and physical testing with aid of digital tools.

Year: 2014
Examiners: Bert Bongers, Marcus Froth, Hank Haeusler  Supervisors: Dr Flora Salim, Prof Jane Burry


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