Lines of resistance, explorations of geopolitical space through art practice by Jon Tarry

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This PhD research project culminated as an investigation of modes of thinking about notions of space. The dialectic was articulated through analysis of the significant shifts in my understanding of working process, and the context within which the work sits in terms of contemporary thought and practice. This has relationship to material, method, form and spatiality. This dialectic is embodied in the work acting as an initiator of discussion through the exchange of ideas.

This research was carried out through an applied art practice, which involved the interrogation of constructed environmental conditions, through the generation of drawings and the resulting planar extensions into three dimensions. This research used films of the act of decay and active demolition as a means of recording and leading to new, informed understandings of this process. The body of work, which includes drawings, films, and material spatial construction, comes together to disrupt and invert notions of spatial power.

As the curtain may fall at any moment, the interactions and interconnections that are the space of resistance are no longer contrary. Through its absence, the space in between becomes presence, while the space of denial is itself denied through dialogue, and a spatial shift enters, endlessly self-replicating in a state of constant change.

Year: 2012
Examiners: Bill Fox, Maarit Makela, Stephen Neille  Supervisors: Professor Leon van Schaik,  Assoc Professor Paul Minifie


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