OUTSIDE, INSIDE, AND THE IN-BETWEEN; A Journey Through the Design Terrains of the Design Practitioner by Corbett Lyon

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This project explores the relationships between a designer’s personal history and spatial intelligence, design thinking and practice, and built work.

The project seeks to discover distinguishing attributes and ‘genetic’ markers in the author’s work which provide clues to the works’ making. Records of design thinking and practice, observed from the privileged viewpoint of the mental space of the designer and captured in real time, offer insights into ‘design in action’.

Each of these three terrains – personal history/spatial intelligence, design thinking and practice, and built work – are initially explored independently. This exploration is followed by an analysis identifying interlinking threads across the three terrains, highlighting discovered interdependencies and affinities.


Examiners:  Prof Catherin Bull, Prof Geoffrey London  Supervisors: Prof Leon van Schaik, Prof Paul Carter

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