People, Place and Time by Sadie Morgan

PRS Europe Opening Event April 2018

Introductory speeches:
Paul Minifie, PRS EU Chair (Acting)
Marta Fernandez, Executive Director RMIT Europe
Martyn Hook, Dean of the School of Architecture and Urban Design RMIT

Book launches:
Leon van Schaik – ‘Architecture in its Continuums’
Petra Pferdmenges – ‘Founding Alive Architecture: From Ephemeral to Durational Lived Space’
Kester Rattenbury – ‘The Wessex Project: Thomas Hardy, Architect’

Sadie Morgan, Director dRMM Architects – ‘People, Place and Time’

Infrastructure is key to the quality of our lives, yet architects are rarely involved in its design. This is the dilemma Professor Sadie Morgan will address in her keynote presentation. She believes, as we move into a decade where many big infrastructure projects are to be designed, delivered and built, it is incumbent on us all to make sure that our built environment interacts with people and place at every scale; that it is fit for purpose, designed for the needs for all, now and in the future, and is not wasteful of the world’s resources.

“So how as a profession do we better influence the decision-making process and use our skills to tackle the big issues of our day?” asks Sadie. The good news is that if anybody has the ability to navigate and adapt to a changing and highly challenging new environment, she believes it is architects and designers. We are adaptable, inventive and imaginative problem solvers, who can multi-task and make decisions quickly, she says.

Through her work as a founding director of dRMM architects, the chair of the Independent Design Panel for High Speed Two, and a National Infrastructure Commissioner, Sadie will explore ways in which we can work collectively to effect change much earlier on in the process, where design and creative thinking adds its greatest value.

Sadie Morgan is a founding director of Stirling Prize winning architecture practice dRMM. She lectures internationally on the work of dRMM and the importance of infrastructure which connects back to people and place. She became the youngest president of the Architectural Association in 2013, and in 2016, was appointed Professor at the University of Westminster and awarded an honorary doctorate from London South Bank University. Sadie was named New Londoner of the Year at the New London Awards 2017 for her work championing the importance of design at the highest political level.


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