Place in its momentary status; durational unfolding by Riet Eeckhout

PRS Europe Opening Event | 3 May 2019 at MediaTIC, Barcelona

Welcome by Marta Fernandez, Executive Director RMIT Europe; A/Prof Paul Minifie, Chair PRS Europe; Prof Laurene Vaughan, Dean of the School of Design RMIT; and Prof Martyn Hook, Dean of the School of Architecture and Urban Design RMIT

Book launches

‘The Pink Book’ by Prof Leon van Schaik AO

Periphery | Archaeology of Light by Erieta Attali

Keynote address by Dr Riet Eeckhout | Place in its momentary status; durational unfolding

What does it entail – this manoeuvring between observation and speculation, between the figurative and the figural, between object and event, between measurability and the subject’s perspective, urging multiple points of view poised by iteration, implying time-related change?
It is an utterance of the world, a viewing of the world with the immanent collapse of an object-subject viewpoint, in which the world of objects is replaced by a world of events.
It is the pleasure of architecture that lays in the discovery of compressed spatiality,
standing at the drawing board,
being kept at arms length from entering the drawing,
attempting to capture architecture without being an illustration of it.
These drawings are extracts,
every time the final draft of the immersion,
called architecture.

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