Process drawing by Riet Eeckhout

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Process Drawing is a doctoral research in search of the content of form. This research is conducted through observational hand-drawings with an awareness of the subjectivity of standpoint, the ambiguity of what we observe and how we represent those observations.

The presented research extends boundaries between observation, registration and representation. As such a performative environment is activated between the observer and the observed in an attempt to engage with context in a manner which does not reduce the complexity of the specific situation and enabling a tacit understanding of what is present.

Process Drawing allows one to trespass beyond what is visible and arrive in a speculative, performative environment that propels one’s spatial intelligence necessary to respond.

Year: 2014
Examiners: Kester Rattenbury, Prof Dr Branden W Joseph, Prof Dr Nat Chard  Supervisors: Professor Martyn Hook, A/Prof Richard Black


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