The Purposeful Frame, Sociality and Space Formation by Denis Byrne

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ARCHITECTURE AND SOCIETY: This critical practice PhD dissertation, by focusing on my work through the prism of the Practice Research Symposium process, frames the twin concepts of architecture and society and examines their relationship to each other. It particularly focuses on the architect’s role in society, as an active agent in space formation, what opportunities that role might offer, and identifies activities and ideas where the architect may make a contribution to a bridging of the twin concepts. With that in mind and firmly noted as the ground of this PhD, it explores my work and ideas and aims to show where these contribute to a greater understanding and wider appreciation of the social engagement possibilities inherent in the profession of architect. The PhD introduces several concepts that constellate the two powerful human ideas of Architecture and Soci- ety and places them within, what I have called The Purposeful Frame. The concepts introduced include three main ideas:- Significant Movement, Social Attitude and Social Potential, with other spin off thoughts, and these will be explored more fully later in this document, through an examination of my work and ideas, and those of other people.

MAIN CONCEPTS: Encapsulated thoughts and ideas or a short summary on The Purposeful Frame.
Significant Movement – Distilling and framing the essential movement within a project.
Social Attitude – Ways of being, embedded within the project. Firstly, opportunities for representing certain social formations, and secondly, possibilities for communality within the programme.
 Social Potential – Valency, a conceptual attempt at calibration of social potential; and tactics and tectonics to improve potential for social occasion; fit, right size, thresholds, mood, etc.

Year: 2017

Examiners: A/Prof Boris B. Jensen, Ms Nancy Cogswell Supervisors: Prof Richard Blythe, Adj Prof Arnaud Hendrickx, with special support from Prof Leon van Schaik

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