Reflections on PhD by Peta Murray

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00:04 Peta introduces her talk

01:16 “the best advice I ever got…”

02:06 About the practice and motivation for PhD (Practice narrative)

02:47 Situating the practice (Practice methods / Situating)

05:00 Practice Based Research (Methodology)

06:05 Self-labelling as starting point (Methodology)

07:00 “Methodology and Methods – what’s the dif?” Mess as method.

09:09 Watch yourself oscillate! (Practice methods / Methodology)

09:46 Practice defining terms & situating practice (Situating)

11:15 The ‘creative’ component of the work (Project narrative)

12:29 Collaboration (Practice methods, Methodology)

13:02 Three works (Project narrative)

14:02 How I did my project and made a mess in the doing of it (Methodology)

15:02 Slide of Method words (Methodology)

15:41 Slide describing ‘postmodern emergent methodology’ (Methodology)

16:39 End and applause

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