Repeatable Shape – Designing a Cultural Practice by Geoff Hogg

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My research explores the concept of designing a cultural practice. It will reflect on my work over 40 years beginning in 1968 but mainly emphasise practical projects beginning in 1974. By cultural practice I mean a range of practices including activism, art making, education and capacity building. My emphasis will be on collaborative design and engagement with emerging constituencies producing insights, networks and changed cultural directions and priorities.
The key areas explored will be:
1. Community cultural development
This term refers to the practice of direct community participation in the conceptualisation and creation of works of art and design. In its modern form it emerged strongly in the 1970s and has a continuing influence in many fields of thought and social practice.
2. Art and Working Life (Art in the Union Movement)
This group of practices developed strongly in the 1970s and 1980s. It had an international character with a world network and involved the creation of new works of art and design along with the revival of traditional forms such as trade union banners and processional objects.
3. Cross Cultural Practice
This refers to the development of work involving collaboration by artists from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in Australia and overseas. Particular emphasis will be given to work involving Australian and Chinese artists in both countries.
In examining these areas I will also consider a number of linking practices. By this I mean practices, approaches and methods of work that are common to all three areas and create a framework through which they are connected and interact. These include:
* Art in Public Space
* Education through practice including praxiological research
* Cultural engagement and participation
* Collaborative practice including inter-disciplinary practice.

Year: 2011
Examiners: Professor Craig Bremner, Dr Andrew Keen, Professor Richard Goodwin  Supervisors: Professor SueAnne Ware


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