Start line, end space: drawing forth dimensional space by Katica Pedisic

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The work of this PhD explores critical drawing practices in architecture relating to the mediation and perception of space and time as embodied and visible registers in the drawing. It proposes that conventional architectural drawings contend with space in an instrumental way, and in their static nature, similarly dismiss the temporal as distinctive subject matter. This PhD addresses these concerns as valid subjects for an expanded practice of architectural drawing. A suite of seven projects forms the research. They are: Carroll/Green; Scott/Castle; Inventory; Light Register; the minutes, the hours (George Street addition); Postal Service and Fivefold (Rankins Road addition). Through investigating the major operative of drawing ­­­– the line – these works suggest possibilities for drawing forth an imaginal and dimensional space in and through drawing. The projects collectively position drawing as a crucial instrument for spatial thinking and, through this active relationship with drawing, enrich models of practice.

Year: 2016
Examiners: A/Prof Hannah Lewi, A/Prof Sarah Treadwell  Supervisors: Professor Richard Blythe, Dr Michael Spooner

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