Surface – l’extérieur dedans / outside in by Denise Sprynskyj

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Surface – l’extérieur dedans /outside in is a study of and reflection on the fashion practice S!X.

The research examines the past 20 years of the practice with the aim of identifying, explaining and evaluating some of the pivotal projects undertaken by the practice, the principal design methodologies that the practice follows, and the contribution that the practice makes to the field of fashion and to the broader field of design.

The topic and thread that the research pursues is that of the various roles played by surface within the practice of design. Fashion design is all about surface, literally and metaphorically, but this research explores the particular importance that different senses of surface have for the practice of S!X, as well as the relationship that surfaces have to the spaces between them. It explains the significance of the surface of the French language to the practice of design, the surface of time and history and its effects on the patina of design, the surface of places at once remote and close by (Melbourne, Paris, Athens, and others), the surface of the square of cloth and the way that it magically gives dimension, and the critique of the surface that we habitually practice, which has been called the practice of deconstruction.

The research into surface, by and through the work of the commercially-active design practice of S!X, is new to fashion design and constitutes an important contribution to our understanding field of fashion practice-led research.

Year: 2015
Examiners: Prof Dorita Hannah, Prof Lawrence Wallen  Supervisors: Professor Leon van Schaik, Professor SueAnne Ware


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