Tangible Thinking: Methods in the work of TAKA Architects by Alice Casey

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I have looked at the things we make, to try and see them as they are and, from there, to try and understand how they came to be that way. My research is about HOW we look; and, as a result, HOW we work, research, practice and design. I have examined the relationship of the drawing to the building and the photograph, and how that inflects our design process; how we practice through ‘learning by doing’ and ‘trial and error’, with specific reference to the use of concrete in our practice; the development of research and drawing methods to illustrate our design thinking; and how we design through distillation, exaggeration and intensification.

Year: 2017

Examiners: Prof Kester Rattenbury, Mr Louis Kruger  Supervisors: Prof Richard Blythe, Prof Johan Van Den Berghe, with special support from Prof Leon van Schaik

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