The infinite essence – manifestation of bindu and mandala in architecture by Jaffer AA Khan

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In the Indian context, bindu and mandala form the inner core of this cultural identity. The principles that unify bindu and mandala are universal, but the knowledge of unifying these principles in the contemporary world architecture serves to provide a more meaningful existence on this planet. This PhD is an attempt to unpack this spatial intelligence and to reveal the manner in which this information may be manifest in contemporary Indian architecture; particularly in my work of more than 30 years through my practice, Jaff Design Studio.

The context of this research seeks to investigate the relationship between the Man and the principles of bindu and mandala, which has been a cultural continuum for several thousand years. This cultural identity and information is essential for architecture to be existential and experiential.
This research further enabled me to reflect upon and examine the way bindu and mandala are evident in various forms and interpretations, and to speculate on how these cultural influences continue to develop and inspire practitioners in contemporary and future projects.


Examiners:  Prof Sarah McGann, Tony van Raat  Supervisors:  Prof Martyn Hook, A/Prof Mauro Baracco

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