The making of a knowledge casino by Ceri Hann

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This creative practice research operates across the fields of art, design and education, and is informed by and contributes to the ‘educational turn’ in the arts. The research has explored the use of object-based metaphors through performative artistic processes to generate active engagement in reflexive enquiry and philosophical ideas. A sustained practice of gifting ambiguous objects to instigate open-ended conversation has been key to performing explorative interpretations of social configurations as a dynamic script that writes us as we read ourselves into it. Through initiating social exchange by gift-giving object-based metaphors, and secondly, by building meta-fictional structures to yield thought provoking experiences, the research provides a model for generative auto-didactic creative practice research, one that, in turn, actively contributes alternative modes of enquiry to compliment contemporary creative arts education. Through the making of a knowledge casino a meta-fictional creative practice of performative hermeneutics displays a dialogical strategy for instigating and sustaining questioning.

Year: 2016
Examiners: Dr Martin Patrick, Prof Marie Sierra  Supervisors: Dr Mick Douglas, Dr Marcelo Stamm

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