The practice of feeling for place: a compendium for an expanded architecture by Kathy Waghorn

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This research expands the field of architecture through foregrounding the complexity of place. Activating knowing-through-practising I invoke feeling for place as a political, ethical and aesthetic task. An ‘experimental self’ is identified as an agile condition for reflecting on (performing, presenting and writing about) the practice. Locating the work alongside socially engaged art and critical spatial practices the contribution takes two forms: first, a critique of normative architectural procedures and concepts of agency, instrumental design and disciplinarity, and second, a theorised description of the different techniques developed through the practice. Four ‘tactical ways’ of operating are elucidated providing insight into methods for dynamic, temporary modes of place production.

Year: 2017
Examiners:  Prof Marie Sierra, Dr Karen Burns   Supervisors: Dr Mick Douglas, Dr Charles Anderson

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