The state of the art of practice in Tom Kovac’s architecture of the real and virtual by Tom Kovac

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This PhD by Publication project is based on research examining reflectively my practice. It includes a summary of my practice, its themes of inquiry and modes of production. The invitation has generated an investigation into my way of practicing and into its concerns. The research explores key areas of interest: Virtual Architecture, Object Architecture and the spatialisation of information. This research investigates the operations and processes of my practice to date. The development of my practice has been mapped and this catalogue illustrates the disparate parts and associations that frame each project. The evolution of the practice through three key periods of change is documented revealing the transitions through various stages of practice.

The work is presented through an interactive tool that captures the concerns that informed the core systems, that informed the projects. The PhD closely scrutinises the makings of projects and their concerns and reveals the makings of the practice. To structure these processes I have created a series of categorisations and strategic associations and have assembled projects into networks of cells. These categories can be read as connections linking five primary functions as the tools for a web based app or application. This app was instigated as data visualisation tool and as a system for analytically referencing networks of projects that make up the structure of the practice: past, present and future.

Year: 2014
Examiners: Richard Goodwin, Zeynep Mennan, Jules Moloney  Supervisors: Professor Leon van Schaik, Professor Richard Blythe


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