UNEARTHING GROUND in Architecture: ethical behaviour…physical manifestation…colour register by Siobhán Ní Éanaigh

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With this PhD, I seek increased understanding on the nature of ‘design intelligence’, as evidenced by the discipline of architecture through practice.

While understanding the process of getting large buildings / infrastructure built, what interests me specifically with this research is insight into how we get as thinkers / designers / practitioners…as architects, from a site and sheet of paper with a list of rooms / schedule of accommodation, numerous prescriptive do’s + don’ts…to…‘a great blue lump of a school’*…‘a crimson creature’*… ‘design gets its full citizenship’.*

Paralleling my quest for new insight into ‘design intelligence’…spatial … formal…visual…material…is a preoccupation with exploring the ‘physical’ in a world seemingly favouring the ‘virtual’ and specifically, the place of our visual tonal register or judgement as architects, applied to the phenomenon of…colour / light / pigment…as a medium of ‘design intelligence’ exercised through venturous practice in architecture.

*denote descriptions given to our projects by judges / reviewers

Year: 2018

Examiners: Dr Annacatarina Piras, Prof Ir. Bart Lootsma  Supervisors: Prof Leon van Schaik, Prof Katharine Heron, Prof Richard Blythe

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