Wind Analysis in the Early Design Stage: An empirical study of wind visualisation techniques for architects by Rafael Moya Castro

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This research develops a study about wind analysis techniques for rapid wind visualisation in the early design stage (EDS). The aim is to investigate, through empirical studies and architectural explorations of windbreaks, the CFD-PST (computational fluid dynamics-performance sketch tool) and other techniques for rapid wind visualisation, in order to evaluate their support for architects’ practice in the EDS. The results of this studio present an evaluation of these wind visualisation technologies as a clear hierarchy for rapid feedback, regarding requirements of visualisation complexity and extension of generation process. In addition, the study suggests architectural protocols for rapid visualisation and feedback in design process workflows. Finally, this research examines design rules of aerodynamic features, through rapid wind visualisation, to improve architectural exploration of windbreak design, for outdoor microclimatic control.

Year 2015
Examiners: Professor Sambit Datta, A/Professor Veronica Soebarto  Supervisors: Professor Mark Burry, Dr Yan Ding, Prof Jane Burry, Professor Simon Watkins


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