Lecture: Prof. Lyndal Jones – ‘Method and Methodology’

Topic Progress:

00.00  Introduction and preamble to topic

02.30  Audio excerpt by Laurie Anderson

05.00  Henk Borgdorff on research

07.00  Use of the words methods and methodology

08.30  Different types of methods i.e. scientific method, case study method etc

10.50  Example of derelict house project (in Avoca)

11.45  L. J. suggests that we don’t call research activities ‘methods’ but ‘techniques’ or ‘processes’

12.40  Process 1:  Influenced by context

15.00  Process 2:  Addressing history

20.35  Process 25:  Addressing sustainability with resources

21.07  Process 7: Addressing heritage issues with repair

22.25  Process 25:  Addressing sustainability with resources (again)

22.41 Henk Borgdorff (again)

23.40 Repairing and renovating the house

28.40   About Steven Johnson (on platforms and networks)

30.20  On discipline beginnings

32.05  Specific material practices

34.00  ‘Yes, and…’ versus ‘Yes, but’

37.00  Recording strategies, interaction strategies

38.40  Processes developed by others

41.55  Training techniques

47.50  The Arc project

49.00  Recap

53.00 Support from specific writers

55.45  Process 41: Other artists

58.28  Process 12: The focus of the art event

01.02.55  Henk Borgdorff (again) Methodological pluralism

01.03.56  Some writings

01.04.30  Process 8: Taking elements off-site to create new relations as artworks